Ecology is my theology

Rev. Michael Dowd (with my emphasis):

Ecology is my theology.

Integrity is my salvation.

Ensuring a just and healthy future is my mission.”

James V. Kohl (Medical laboratory scientist) Ecological variation leads to ecological adaptations via conserved molecular mechanisms, not by random mutations and natural selection.

Professor Nava Ben-Zvi, said that learning about evolution is not the primary function of the decision, but rather to use it as a building block for students to learn more about their ecology.

Dr. Jay R. Feierman: “I am absolutely certain that if you showed this statement to any professor of biology or genetics in any accredited university anywhere in the world that 100% of them would say that “Random mutations are the substrate upon which directional natural selection acts” is a correct and true statement.”

Only “Ecology is my theology” is supported by experimental evidence that attests to how ecological variation leads to biophysically-constrained ecological adaptations via natural selection for nutrients that are metabolized to the species-specific pheromones that control the physiology of reproduction in species from microbes to man.

The statement by Feierman about random mutations and natural selection may be supported by biology teachers and population geneticists who have not learnt anything about biology and genetics during the past decade or more. However,  “If you learnt evolutionary biology and genetics a decade or more ago you need to be aware that those debates have moved on very considerably, as has the experimental and field work on which they are based.

If, for example, Feierman had learned anything about biology or genetics since 1964, he might have learned that without learning– according to Dobzhansky (1964) he could never be more than a bird watcher or butterfly collector. “The notion has gained some currency that the only worthwhile biology is molecular biology. All else is “bird watching” or “butterfly collecting.” Bird watching and butterfly collecting are occupations manifestly unworthy of serious scientists!”

Instead, after a thorough review of my model in 1995 at a conference we both attended,  Feierman asked “What about birds?”  I have never taken him seriously since then, but as moderator of the International Society for Human Ethology’s yahoo group, he has seriously prevented my dissemination of accurate information about biologically based cause and effect for many years.

It is apparent that he represents the views of  ISHE and that members also prefer to not learn anything about how ecological variation leads to ecological adaptations so that they can continue to tout the pseudoscientific nonsense of evolutionary theory. Feierman’s categorization of ISHE as HBES-lite should have been the last straw, but nothing has changed during the past year despite my 2013 presentation at the ISHE Summer Institute. A 5.5 minute video with narration of my poster presentation is here.



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