Honeybees, food odors, and perfume

June 4, 2011 | James Kohl

Bees yield clues to unlocking brain disorders

(Medical Xpress) — Queensland Brain Institute researchers are a step closer to unlocking the mysteries of disorders like schizophrenia and autism – through peering into the brains of bees.

“Beyond serving as a model for human function, insects are useful in olfactory research for a range of other reasons…”



James Vaughn Kohl

James Vaughn Kohl

James Vaughn Kohl was the first to accurately conceptualize human pheromones, and began presenting his findings to the scientific community in 1992. He continues to present to, and publish for, diverse scientific and lay audiences, while constantly monitoring the scientific presses for new information that is relevant to the development of his initial and ongoing conceptualization of human pheromones.