Mapping the human genome in 3-D

January 4, 2012 | James Kohl

Scientists create first 3-D map of human genome

My comment: Food odors and social odors have direct effects on gene activation. Is it likely that food odors up-regulate and social odors down-regulate gene expression responsible for speciation and species-specific behaviors? If so, the direct effect of food odors and social odors on signalling pathways would make chemical cues as important to the understanding of human behavior as they are to the understanding of behavior in every other species on the planet. Wouldn’t it?



James Vaughn Kohl

James Vaughn Kohl

James Vaughn Kohl was the first to accurately conceptualize human pheromones, and began presenting his findings to the scientific community in 1992. He continues to present to, and publish for, diverse scientific and lay audiences, while constantly monitoring the scientific presses for new information that is relevant to the development of his initial and ongoing conceptualization of human pheromones.