The Santa Fe Institute: Removing physics from theoretical biology (revisited)

October 31, 2013 | James Kohl

The Santa Fe Institute

Stuart Kauffman rose to prominence through his association with the Santa Fe Institute.”

“With colleagues Giuseppe Longo and Maël Montévil, Stuart Kauffman wrote (January 2012) “No entailing laws, but enablement in the evolution of the biosphere,”[14] which aims to show that evolution is not law entailed, as is physics, and that, without selection, evolution enables its own future possibilities.”

Reese Jones claims to have a background in biophysics and is promoting a conference at the Sante Fe Institute. Hopefully, he will comment on how many others associated with the Santa Fe Institute might like to see “physics” removed from “biophysics” in the context of biological evolution.



James Vaughn Kohl

James Vaughn Kohl

James Vaughn Kohl was the first to accurately conceptualize human pheromones, and began presenting his findings to the scientific community in 1992. He continues to present to, and publish for, diverse scientific and lay audiences, while constantly monitoring the scientific presses for new information that is relevant to the development of his initial and ongoing conceptualization of human pheromones.